Originally from South Korea, I grew up in Belgium from a very young age.
Later on, I studied industrial design for 5 years at the prestigious La Cambre, the renowned visual arts & achitecture school in Brussels, and specialized writing a thesis on Eyewear during one year.

I became passionate about this very special product, trying to bring it a creative singularity to make the wearer “unique” and inseparable from his pair of glasses.

I have always had a particular interest in materials, shapes & manufacturing processes, both artisanal & industrial. A methodical & meticulous fascination that would more closely resemble that of a sculptor.
Between the straight lines & the sharpened angle, the interplay of solid and voids allows me to offer a unique view of the object to be drawn.

I first worked designing eyewear for major brands during 4 years. I also worked in an eyewear manufacturing plant in the mountains of the Jura in France, historical cradle of the French eyewear manufacturing – and where MATTTEW is now manufactured before being sold worldwide.

After a long market analysis and a thorough knowledge of the manufacturing process, I decided to finally launched the MATTTEW brand, 8 years ago.

Glasses that structure a face that is too round or has too soft features, that gives a serious or an intellectual look is no longer enough. Glasses must be noticed for their aesthetic, original, creative & colorful character and they must make you want to have several pair. You will then want to change your glasses to match your clothes, the same way you would choose the right earrings to match your dress or the right tie to match your suit.

As color is central in the choice of the right frame, we spend endless time & energy at MATTTEW to deliver the right sampling of colors in each collection.

This meticulous work in the process of the creation of each frame is a reflection of my passion for Art, Cuisine & most of all, Architecture.

As Architecture is my first inclination, it inspire me most. The design should not be Spectacular, either in term of aesthetics or atmosphere but it must generate a vibration.

And when finally I had to find a name for my company, MATTTEW was obvious. It simply comes from my first name Matthieu, because of my personal involvement in the company as owner and designer, with just a funny twist. It is Belgian after all!

The pleasure induced by a chance encounter is a leitmotif in my work. I want to make people happy, that what makes me happy. That’s the essence of my job as a designer.

The MATTTEW frame is the achievement of a huge amount of technical work, precise design and color research to get to the high quality product you’ll want to light up your face.

But MATTTEW is also a Belgian citizen frame … so as such, it always keeps a great sens of humor.

With a MATTTEW frame, you will live your personality to the fullest to the tip of your nose, and never stop having stars in your eyes.